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Life through the eyes of a spirited savant

What happens when you throw a privileged, highly educated, and somewhat errant son of a Hollywood superpower into the seamy underworld of the rough streets of Albuquerque with two girls half his age?


A boulevard prostitute and a kleptomaniac drug addict lead Beakel on an adventure of harrowing drug runs, boosting missions, and narrow escapes from the denizens on both sides of the law.

A story of incredible friendship, human bonds that transcend all differences of social class, ethnicity, age and gender. An entirely true story, told by the one who lived through it all!

“Seems to me David Beakel’s ‘Babie Girls’ shares a common thread with Hunter Thompson’s ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.'”

– Jane Jenkins (Casting Director Extraordinaire)

“What a story! I sat riveted to this wonderful journey from cover to cover and couldn’t put it down – and neither will you.”

– Chuck McCann (Veteran Star / Hollywood Insider)

“The perfect mix of adventure, humor and chaos to keep you thoroughly entertained. Characters so rich, you know they’re real.”

– Bruce Kalish (Television Writer)

“Babie Girls Play With Dangerous Toys”

– Elissa Eaton (Author)

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