About Me

David Beakel is an author, naturalist and philanthropist based in Los Angeles, CA.

Early Years

Having been adopted, or “discovered,” at two weeks of age by a Bohemian father who changed the course of showbiz forever, and a Joan Baez-esque mother who cared for abused children, David was reared on Fonzie’s lap amidst the uppermost echelon, Beverly Hills, creme de la creme affluence.

When David was 13 years old, his parents, Walter and Nancy Beakel, retired from the LA ultra-scene to a remote ranch in New Mexico, and he lost his mother to cancer shortly thereafter. Instead of sinking in despair, however, David embarked on an extensive course of study of nature, having always relished in solitude – leading him to solo up over a thousand mountains across western North America to date, amassing enough highly praised nature photography to fill a small bus.


Our upstart subject attended no less than twelve years of collegiate academia with top marks across the planks and degrees in physics and biology. Instead of going on dates and joining with friends, David spent his Friday evenings in the company of Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud, Max Planck and Paul Dirac – romantic, huh? Exciting! Due to his social challenges, Asperger’s, bonding issues, whatever-have-you, rather than slamming beer bongs with the Theta Xi, David devoted his leisure to all these lofty matters – reading the great plays and works of literature, composing thousands of typed pages of memoirs, going on journeys with his father.


Even his bio-mom and two half-sisters found him in 2000, an entire blue blood family from New Jersey – though the initial enthusiasms were soon to wear off (if not do a complete 180; anyhow, they are all friends now).

New Beginnings

In 2004, David lost his father and lifelong best friend. He found himself adrift, if not a-spiral, trapped in his dad’s old condo in Santa Fe, an alien land. By 2010, indeed on his way back to Cali, our subject was so desperate for female companionship he rejoiced to find two sweetheart addicts at a 7-11 in Albuquerque, and share with them the five-week misadventures that are subject of his debut novel, Babie Girls.

Finally, in 2011, 35 years of age and hormones calming down, David returned with his trust fund and father’s and mother’s memorabilia in a U-Haul van to sunny CA, to begin life anew. 

Currently, David spends his time writing, traveling, reading the great works, and photographing while forging ahead into the world of publishing and book promotion.